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Over 30 years of experience in construction project management services activation.


The Project Concierge will work with the team to build a project profile by collecting data from available sources. The profile will include the project team, as well as the project’s elements. The elements include Budget, Funding, RFI’s, Submittals, Purchase Orders, Change Orders, Invoices, etc.

The concierge will upload the collected data into the database.


The concierge will meet with the Project Manager to establish communication protocol and team member responsibilities. Criteria for approvals, progress meetings and document distribution will also be established.


The concierge will conduct a meeting with the project manager and other team members to review communication procotol, responsibilities, as well as their role. Data access will also be reviewed.


Time is always important! For this reason, the implementation process is designed to move quickly. Implementation various depending upon the scope of the solution.


Some of the projects delivered by the Project Control Center

portfolio 4

Health Care

New Construction and Renovation major health care campus.

portfolio 6

Health Care

Stand-alone outpatient clinic with offices.

portfolio 9

Health Care

New Construction Comprehensive Cancer Center.

portfolio 2


Central Utilities Plant with new chillers, boilers and switchgear.

portfolio 2


Domestic Fire and Domestic water system.

portfolio 3


Replace fire alarm system for major campus.

portfolio 5


New construction mixed-used office building.

portfolio 7


Renovation – Retail fit out

portfolio 8


Demolition by Implosion (Actual building not shown)

Project Control Center

In these challenging times of limited resources and increasing workloads, resource augmentation is essential to get your construction projects EXECUTED, on time and within budget.

Our solution, the Project Control Center, supports your project managers by providing SUPPORT and RESOURCES.


• Data Entry

• Pending Items Follow-Up

• RFI Tracking

• Schedule Monitoring

• Status Updating

• Report Generation

• Document Distribution

THE PROJECT CONCIERGE will be an extension of the team to support the Project Manager as needed!

The Key Benefits of Our Service:

• The Project Manager can focus on other PROJECT

• Pay only for resources used

• No interface to existing technology required

• We will provide and manage the resources

• No Onboarding needed

• No resources are required on site

• No office space required

• Fast implementation

• Cost-effective approach

• Monthly fee-based. No long term obligation


About Us


ProSys was established in 1985 to provide project management for the construction industry. After successfully delivering projects, it became obvious that a project control and accountability solution was needed to track all aspects of construction and project installations. To fill this need we created a technology group and developed the Project Control Center, which was design to merge people and technology. Our technology provides real-time reporting, analysis, and the overall financial state of projects. Although our primary focus has been in the health care industry with clients that include Johns Hopkins Medicine and the University of Maryland Medical System, we have also provided services to IBM, The City of Baltimore, and Johnson Controls Energy Division to name a few.

Our experience in both Project Management and the Project Control Center, facilitates a proactive approach which in turn equates to the successful delivery of projects on time, on task and on budget for our clients.

Our News and Information

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Project Concierge

A project concierge is assigned to provide support for the project, who remains until completion. In their support role, the concierge...

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We understand that project management can be costly!

Our pricing structure takes this into account as we offer a simple monthly fee, which is affordable and takes care of it all.

Our fee includes a project concierge, PMS, data collection, data entry, and continued project support throughout the project’s lifecycle. It is based upon, the number of projects and users, as well as the cloud space required to house the project data.

Please contact us so we can define the requirements and options.

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